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Karachi Children’s Art Fest (KCAF) 2014

    Karachi Children’s Art Fest (KCAF) 2014 25th/26th January 2014 Venue: Goethe Institut While there is a consensus, rightly so, that Children are our future, there seems to be very little that we offer them as a society, especially in regards to the development of their critical thought process. It was with these concerns that the foundation stone for […]

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The Day The Music Died !

By Zeeshan Parwez Masood Bhai (Ahmad Paracha) has passed away. For those of you who didn’t know him, he ran a music store in Peshawar called TeenBeat. Since the last 3 decades, he provided music to countless people in Peshawar. Yes, he had the best music selection in the form of vintage LPs, tapes and CDs. His knowledge in music […]

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“Music; Rhythm of Life”

By Merym Saudagar   Usually my days have a very fresh and energetic start. Full of new hopes and ambitions. But that day, it wasn’t like that. It was a very dull start of my day; I was so dizzy, sleepy. But then only, I heard someone listening to the best of Cat Stevens and Bee Gees. I was so […]

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The Xavier Sisters ‘a short blurb’

 By Jennifer  It all started in 1961 when our mother, who was the driving force behind us, got us to sing at our first concert while she played the guitar. We weref five sisters.  The band started to evolve during 1965/66 and by 1967 we played for talent shows and jam sessions all over Karachi. Soon after we were on radio and […]

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To Bindi or Not to Bindi

Selena Gomez has captured well  a Middle Eastern feel in her song, ‘Come & Get It,’ but many feel that she overdosed  her act during her appearance at an awards show by adorning an Indian Bindi on her forehead .That was just an embellishment for the singer in question but critics opined that Bindi is a religious symbol worn by […]

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Bieber Fever Believe

Justin Bieber‘s new album Believe Acoustic, which features eight acoustic tracks from his 2012 platinum LP Believe, as well as three new cuts, is expected to be No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart . Hardly a surprise, considering Bieber’s the biggest pop artist in the world. His repertoire is laced with 4 No 1s and expectations are that Believe will also land […]

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GNR or Rush? Feb will be Fab!

The 2013 Ultimate Classic Rock Bowl Finals have started!  Three weeks and 14  battles down — with over 250,000 votes being registered in the semifinal  —  the only two  bands  left to fight for the title: Guns N’ Roses and Rush. 16 of rock’s biggest bands met up earlier this month in a series of single-elimination polls to determine the […]

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Afghanistan’s First Female Rapper*Feroz*

By Miss’T’ Susan Feroz is laden with angst . To vent she finds Rap music as her punching bag of choice  and makes a song. Next thing her song becomes a hit .The rest is history. Feroz born in Afghanistan, raised in Iran finds her lingua franca ,Persian an easy tool to convey her inner feelings. That’s right .She sings […]

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The Spinner Takes It All !Pakistan DJ Network

By Ali Tim – Photography by Fahadee Electronic music and DJ parties have become increasingly popular over the last decade in metropolitan cities of Pakistan particularly among teenagers and young adults.With this trend a newer breed of disc jockeys have come to the fore .They are young , dynamic and tech wiz kids to say the least . With their […]

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Happy Birthday King of Qawwali

He made the world a happier place with his music. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan left for eternal abode 15 years ago but his voice still mesmerizes music connoisseurs across the globe. Rising from the House of Shah to Dead Man Walking and Kitne Soona the great Khan belted it all with his indisputable mastery. We would like to pay respect […]

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