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As i Write

   By Sajja Shah I am not a regular writer nor do I put together words that are legendary. My compositions are not timeless. I seldom write, once or maybe twice in lonely blue moon, only when my heart gets so heavy that I am unable to contain the ache of holding it all back. Only then I spill it […]

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Obaidullah Baig, You will be missed.

By Saj-         Renowned writer, columnist and media expert Obaidullah Baig passed away this Friday morning. The eminent figure who was rewarded “Pride of Performance” left on his journey to meet his eternal fate leaving us with his priceless work and contributions to the nation.  Inspired by Ghalib, Khusro, Iqbal and Faiz he wrote many a thing […]

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Departed but still lives on – Habib Jalib.

Habib Jalib’s legend lives on! He will forever be remembered as the powerhouse of  left wing activism in Pakistan who despite fierce opposition did manage to convey his message across with his poetry. Excerpts from Wikipedia:  Habib Jalib (Urdu: حبیب جالب) was a Pakistani revolutionary poet. A left-wing activist and politician, he was a staunch democrat who opposed martial law, authoritarianism and state oppression. Habib Jalib was born on March 24, […]

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